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Breaking Chains

"Breaking Chains: The 6 Links of Turning Bondage into Tools of Freedom" by Blake Shelley, illustrated by Tony Muncy, outlines Shelley's unique approach to overcoming challenges, developed through his experience living with Cerebral Palsy. Through sharing his journey and the 6 Links, Blake aims to empower readers to transform their limitations into tools for achieving freedom and success.

Balance Pitch Deck

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Blake Shelley & Tony Muncy: Inspiring Collaborators

Blake Shelley and Tony Muncy are a dynamic duo whose remarkable friendship, creativity, and empowerment journey has inspired and uplifted countless individuals. Their shared passion for making a positive impact and their unwavering determination to overcome challenges has led them to create a powerful team that touches hearts and minds.

Blake B. Shelley, an acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and expert in overcoming adversity, has transformed his journey with Cerebral Palsy into a beacon of strength and resilience. His commitment to helping others achieve success through planning and self-reflection has ignited a movement of empowerment. Blake’s story of triumph over physical obstacles, guided by faith and unwavering support, serves as a testament to our potential to break free from limitations.

Tony Muncy, a visionary artist, photographer, and creative force behind Muncy Designs, brings a unique blend of artistic talent and a love for the outdoors to his work. His captivating artwork not only showcases his connection with nature and fishing but also reflects his desire to offer something truly distinctive to the world. Tony’s dedication to his craft extends beyond his art, as he’s deeply involved in the fly fishing and fly tying community, preserving traditions and building connections.

Together, Blake and Tony co-founded Redwing Solutions, a collaborative venture that melds Blake’s motivational expertise with Tony’s artistic prowess. Their initiative aims to empower others to share their stories in impactful ways, highlighting disabilities and unique friendships that inspire change. With a shared commitment to philanthropy, they’ve embarked on projects that resonate with their values and enrich the lives of those they touch.

Blake and Tony’s journey is a testament to the strength of friendship, creativity, and the ability to turn challenges into triumphs. Through their endeavors, they remind us that with determination, passion, and a supportive community, we can overcome obstacles and create a positive legacy that resonates far beyond ourselves.

Story Ideas

  • Triumph Over Adversity:
    • Explore the inspiring journey of Blake Shelley and Tony Muncy as they defy the odds, turning challenges into stepping stones for success and empowerment, thereby fostering a narrative of hope and resilience.
  • Fostering Creativity and Community:
    • Delve into how the unique partnership between Blake and Tony is breaking barriers in the creative world and how they are building a community that supports and uplifts individuals with disabilities.
  • The Power of Friendship:
    • A heartwarming look at the extraordinary friendship between Blake and Tony, showcasing how their bond has been a source of strength, enabling them to overcome obstacles and make a positive impact in the world.
  • Breaking Chains: From Book to Film – A Collaborative Journey:
    • Uncover the story behind Blake’s book “Breaking Chains,” beautifully illustrated by Tony, and how this collaboration became a stepping stone for their documentary project, revealing their shared mission of inspiration and empowerment.

Interview Questions

  1. Can you share the genesis of the documentary “Balance” and how your friendship played a pivotal role in its inception?
  2. You recently announced that the documentary will be called “Balance.” Can you elaborate on what that title means to you and the story behind the name?
  3. How did you guys meet and become friends?
  4. Can you give examples of what “balance” means to you and how it relates to your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Tony, how has Blake’s book influenced your current collaboration? 
  6. Blake, can you discuss the challenges and triumphs of living with Cerebral Palsy and how it has shaped your perspective on life and advocacy?
  7. Tony, how has your partnership with Blake influenced your creative process and vision for Muncy Designs and Redwing Solutions?
  8. What are the future goals for the Breaking Chains Foundation, and how can the public get involved in supporting its mission?


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